Jews and their Wanderings

The Israel State Archives presents an exhibition of passports, travel documents and identity cards handed in to the Ministry of the Interior in return for Israeli passports by immigrants during the early years of the State. A selection of these documents was deposited in the Archives, providing us with insights into the origins and history of Israel's new citizens.

They bear witness to the wanderings, upheavals and suffering undergone by many Jews before reaching their new home.
(Personal details about the holders are not shown)

The exhibition is divided into four sections:
1–3 Pre-World War II
4–12 Persecution of the Jews and Flight
13–21 Aftermath of the Holocaust
22–29 Immigration to Israel

1. Passport issued by the Free City of Danzig, 1935
2. Travel document issued by the Saarland, 1934
3. Passport issued by the Weimar Republic of Germany, 1931
4. Passport of a German Jew issued by the Third Reich, 1938
5. Inside pages of No. 4, with the letter J (Jude), 1938
6. Visas to Mandatory Palestine via Japan and China, 1940
7. Visas to Mandatory Palestine via Japan and China, 1940
8. Romanian and Chinese visas in a German travel document, 1939
9. "Nansen" passport issued to a stateless Jewish refugee, 1939
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A Special Joint Publication by the Israel State Archives and the Center for Educational Technology (CET)