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New hours for telephone enquiries at the Reading Room

Due to pressure of work, new hours for telephone enquiries have been introduced, and from now on enquiries will be answered between the hours of 13:00 p.m and 16:00 p.m. only.

Our number is Tel. 02-5680680
(outside Israel: 972-2-5680680)

For research services please send an e-mail to the reading room staff.

You can also send a fax to the reading room at 02-6797331 (outside Israel 972-2-679331). Please give your name and fax number for a reply.

Please note

1. If you know Hebrew, before visiting the reading room you should try to find material yourself, using the search function on our Hebrew website.

2. You can order material in advance to save time when you come.

3. Advance orders should be sent at least two days before you plan to visit the reading room.

4. If the order consists of more than 2 items, please attach the order as a WORD file to your mail.

5. Please state storage no., box no. and file no. in your order.

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