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Our vision - A message from the State Archivist, Dr. Yehoshua Freundlich

The Israel State Archives is the national archives of Israel. It is in charge of preserving and fostering the historical and organizational memory of the State of Israel. The wealth of documents, films and photographs kept at the Archives is a national resource for the citizens of Israel and also serves visitors and researchers from abroad.

The aim of the Israel State Archives in the coming years is to increase public awareness of the treasures held in the Archives and to make them more easily available, using the latest technology.  Today members of the public can already see some of the holdings of the Archives from their personal home computer. The Archives will continue this process at an accelerated rate and will take action to encourage the public to seek out information about their personal and national history which is held in the Archives.

In the reality of the 21st century, when the government administration is producing large amounts of electronic records every day and technology is rapidly changing, the supreme imperative of the Israel State Archives is to preserve these records, in order to ensure that historical, governmental and personal information is kept for future generations.

A Special Joint Publication by the Israel State Archives and the Center for Educational Technology (CET)