*An English-language interface for this website is on its way! Please bear with us.

* We are striving continuously to increase the proportion of scanned archival material on this site. Scanned material is at your disposal free and without limitations.

* Most of our files have yet to be scanned or declassified or both. When you order such a file, we will do our best to scan it and declassify it within about two weeks, at no cost to you.

* In cases where the declassification process takes longer than two weeks, we’re still trying, and will inform you as we go.

* Some parts of our catalog are not yet on-line. We are working to have the entire catalog online by the end of 2016.

* Many of the names in our pre-1948 documentation have yet to be typed into our database; we have put the raw lists online, and are working with partners from the community of geneologists to speed up the process so that name searches will be successful.

* Some of the films we’ve put online lack voice tracks. We’ve noticed, and are working to fix this.

* Putting an entire archives online is an innovative project, one never previously attempted so far as we’re aware. We appreciate your patience, and welcome your comments.

Here are some of the Processes we need to go through when you order a file which is not yet scanned on our website:
1. We must find the file itself in one of our storage facilities in Jerusalem or Arad, and send it to Petach Tikva to be scanned.
2. Bring the digital file to Jerusalem and upload it into our system while taking various security precautions.
3. Check to see if there is sensitive content in the file.
4. If there is sensitive content, see if it can be redacted so that the rest of the file can be opened.
5. Transfer the clean file to our online repository.
6. Notify you that we’ve completed the process and the file is now accessible, online.

We will try to complete this process within two weeks, at no cost to you.